Every new home that Avalon Homes builds, is a unique design to suit our client. We can create a custom designed home for your needs through an in-house design studio using our business partner, NewScape Design Group. They are a professional team, offering a no stress, no fuss approach which takes complete control and ownership of the process from the vacant block, to preparing documentation for the relative local council. This benefits you as the client, by not having to worry about what other professional services you will need to engage, in order to commence your dream home. They are also happy to meet with you at your home address reducing the appointment frustration!

But should you come to us with your own ideas for your new home we can offer a simple drafting service with the use of NewScape Design Group, turning your ideas into a “work of art” (Working Drawing) ready for submission to council.

The sky is the limit!


Each home we build is unique in its own right and therefore we have never built the same home twice in the 30 years of building in the Peel region. Each home built has been a custom designed home to suit our clients’ needs and expectations. We differentiate ourselves by providing high levels of service and outstanding communication between client and builder. We have had many comments suggesting that our clients enjoy the personal one on one contact, and the fact that you are actually dealing with the people that are building your home not some site supervisor or administration officer that treats you like a number in the system.

Our process is simple, giving you as the client the full attention that you deserve. Thus below is the course of generalised action we take.

Step 1

Meet & Greet

They say first Impressions can be the most important attribute to any working relationship. How true this is. It is at this stage regardless of recommendations or where the referral has come from you just need to click, understand and be to communicate with each other as this will be the backbone of the process moving forward.

We are happy to meet at our office or even come to speak to you in your own environment, which we have found to be the most favourable, as especially families with young children, it allows the client or clients to focus on the conversation.


Step 2

Design & Drafting

This stage is undertaken by our in-house Design and Drafting Studio NewScape Design, headed up by Daniel Wheatley. Here you will get to meet with a professional who has not only a knowledge of a computer-based 3D building program but also an on-site, real-life experience actually constructing his own Designs with his hands. Not many could say this, as generally, this Drafting service stops as soon as you leave that office. Well not in NewScape Design’s case.

They will be able to customise a unique, value-adding asset to your property portfolio. There seems to be a lot more stability in one custom homes as yours cannot be compared to that home next door!

We say that you have to spend a little to gain a lot. NewScape Design understands that the cost of building can blow out considerably and this is why they have chosen to use a 3D based CAD program that not only allows you to see your home conceptually, but this package saves the most important things – Time and Money!!


Step 3

Project Estimation

Once your Custom Home Design is complete and that they have a good understanding of what it is that you want, it enables Avalon Homes (WA) Pty Ltd to develop a cost analysis of your new project. We have seen it all too many times before that clients do all the work with a Draftsperson and then realise that it does not meet budget expectations. This is a big pill to swallow, particularly if all the documentation is ready for council!

So it is generally a good point to understand this cost early as it is more cost effective now to adjust or change tack then restart the Design and Drafting process.


Step 4

Working Drawings

This is where NewScape Design takes over to develop and construct the documentation so that it is ready for submission to the local authority. They take ownership of the entire process so that you can relax and be reassured that it is in the hands of a professional.


Step 5

Project Presentation

At this point, we will do a final costing, as some things do get changed along the way from what was originally quoted so that this pricing can form part of the contract. We will go through the elements of how we proposed to build your customised home.


Step 6

Contract Administration

We believe in simplicity. We have seen many other forms of building contracts and legal documentation. We have researched many options and the methods that we use today, have worked now and in the past. It is like that old saying, “if the wheel ain’t broke, don’t try and fix it.”

We will personally guide you through this process so that you understand the documentation. We don’t believe in “High Pressure” salesmanship, it just isn’t our style.


Step 7

Council Submission

Avalon Homes (WA) Pty Ltd has commenced doing things electronically saving time and money for you and us. The City of Mandurah has particularly made this process a streamlined transition from collating the information to building approval.

There are still some old school shires and council that we deal with, but the burden is taken away from you, and we do all the legwork on your behalf.


Step 8

Project Construction

This is the exciting part!! Once the building has been approved, it is all systems go! We like you to feel a part of the process and get you involved and watch and see your customised home grow into something that you can touch and feel.

We will have meetings and discussions along this path, and guidance from key stakeholders such as yourself, Structural Engineers, draftspeople, Architects etc. But we will be working towards a common goal.


Step 9

Project Handover

Welcome to your new home. We will give you a personal tour and run of elements that are important before finally saying welcome and enjoy your new home.


If you have an issue with space, or the family has grown and you are in need of an addition to the family home, Avalon Homes (WA) Pty Ltd can certainly help you. We will approach the situation in a professional manner from liaising with the local council, should this be necessary, to commencing works on your project.

From a simple bathroom renovation to a complete redesign of an existing home. No job is too big or too small!


We also have extensive experience in Commercial and Industrial projects. The last one being a large project in Henderson which was a concrete tilt panel.

We can create a custom designed office or workshop for your needs through an in-house design studio using our partner NewScape Design Group. They are a professional team offering a no stress, no fuss approach which takes complete ownership of the process from the vacant block, to preparing documentation for the local council. Like the New Home process, this scale is no different, but with added elements that need to be addressed to ensure Council compliance and business safety.


We do provide a maintenance service, where we have contact with landlords and local Real Estate agents to rectify elements in aging or damaged structures inside and out.
No job is to big or too small!