Managing Director

  • Qualified Carpenter-Joiner
  • Registered Builder – AVALON HOMES (WA) PTY LTD no. 11746
  • A.J. Wheatley no. 6857

I am a qualified carpenter-joiner, that all began when leaving school. I entered into the workforce looking for an apprenticeship. After working in the industry and obtaining my qualification as carpenter-joiner, I worked in the Perth area for many years doing all facets of building. In those early years, you did and learnt a lot about other trades that have become specialised today, thus giving me a vast knowledge of the Building and Construction industry. In 1980, I moved to the Peel region with my family. We decided to move to Mandurah permanently after visiting for many years to my family’s holiday beach house in Avalon. I saw an opportunity to move away from Perth in order to find a “Sea Change”. Working in the Mandurah area as a qualified carpenter-joiner I saw an opportunity to broaden my horizons and expand my career, by becoming a Registered Builder. In 1982, Avalon Constructions was born. A fitting name as we lived in and surfed at Avalon at that time. As the years went by, I decided a name change would be appropriate to reflect what I was actually doing, and we became known as Avalon Homes (WA) Pty Ltd. We have become a recognised and trusted Building Company in the Peel region. In the early years it was just myself and my wife who developed Avalon Homes, building many spec homes in the Mandurah area, with the added help of a small group of trusted contractors. In recent years Daniel Wheatley, my son, has come on board and also has taken his hand to the Building and Construction industry. Whilst he worked a lot of this in his early years as a teenager to earn pocket money, he wasn’t keen at that time to enter into the realm of building. But in 2010, that all changed. Still, today, I enjoy being onsite and hands-on, which is a reassuring factor for our clients as they know that I am there, whether in a supervisory or working capacity. I will continue to service the Building and Construction industry as long as my body allows me!!!


Project Manager, Building Designer & Draftsperson

  • Bachelor of Business (Marketing & Information Systems)
  • Diploma & Advanced Diploma of Financial Planning
  •  Diploma of Building Design and Technology

In the early years of my life, I worked regularly alongside my father Alan Wheatley, learning and looking upon how tradesman worked and operated on a worksite. Whilst young, this really wasn’t my forte’. I decided to travel and move around a bit before settling back into Perth where I commenced a Business Degree with Edith Cowan University. I did a double major in Marketing and Information Systems (IT). I completed this in 2002 and gained entry into the NAB’s (National Australia Bank) graduate program. I began in a role of Financial & Credit Analyst working alongside the Business Bankers. During this time, I would commute to Mandurah on the weekend to see my family. After a year or so, an opportunity arose at the NAB Mandurah Financial Planning section of the bank. I saw this as a good opportunity to come back to Mandurah to live and work. So it was at this point, I then obtained my Diploma and Advanced Diploma of Financial Services/Planning. I worked for many years servicing Rural and Regional clients building rapport and understanding clients. Without realizing, it was creating and developing skills that would benefit me from this day forward both from a business and client point of view.​ During this time I worked for several banks but did not see a future in the Financial Planning Industry, finally finishing in 2010. 2010-2012 I successfully completed my Diploma of Building Design & Technology with Central Tafe and also winning the “North Perth Rotary Club- HR Kennerson Memorial Award” for High Achievement. 2010, brought a new desire to succeed and develop something that I could call my own and this company was to offer the Peel Region a new innovative style of Building Design and Drafting and hence NewScape Design Group was born. I saw a unique opportunity for NewScape Design Group to develop and collaborate with Avalon Homes (WA) Pty Ltd. It also reignited my passion for what I was doing all those years ago as a teenager working alongside my Dad. This passion has allowed me to develop and construct many projects where I actually take a hands on approach and construct what I design and develop. Projecting Managing for Avalon Homes (WA) Pty Ltd has given me a firm understanding and knowledge of construction that allows me to push the boundaries in developing and designing unique projects whether commercial, industrial or residential. In years to come, I hope that my son Ethan will take over and keep Avalon Homes (WA) Pty Ltd running as successfully as it has done in years gone by.

Client Testimonial



Throughout the process from concept to completion Avalon Homes/NewScape Design have conducted very good communications. This has enabled our home and choice of product requirements enjoyable. Stress is a major issue when building and this certainly was removed by this communication.


Attention to Detail & Quality

Avalon Homes/NewScape Design was a chosen choice as prior to building we viewed their constructions and were drawn to them by the attention they displayed in the detail and the quality of the building, not just in fitting but also the supply of design and functionality supplied.



In this climate a tried and tested builder is required not just to build but to offer a lifetime investment. Avalon Homes/NewScape Design deliver would not be around in the niche market if their standards of work were not validated. Avalon Homes/NewScape Design have readily offered thoughts and their experience to help with design and building.



Strong point. The selection of trades to work on our home is testimony to their professionalism. Each of the trades we have witnessed and spoken to have displayed value and quality to our build. This is driven by Avalon Homes/NewScape Design’s commitment to the end product.

…Steve and Chrissy Treg